Our Review of Prestige Butchers & Grill

Our Review of Prestige Butchers & Grill

Oct 10, 2023

Eating at Epsom's Unique Butcher's Shop and Restaurant: Our Review of Prestige Butchers & Grill

On our first day in Epson, we stumbled upon Prestige Butchers & Grill and were invited to review their food for you. At first glance, we thought it was just a traditional butcher's shop, but upon closer inspection, we noticed a beer tap and restaurant tables surrounded by hanging meats.

After speaking with the owner, we learned that this unique venue combines a butcher's shop, an entertainment venue, and a restaurant. We had the pleasure of interviewing the owner, which will be available soon. But for now, we hope you enjoy our video food review.

The food presentation was stunning, with the meat, chips, and rice artfully arranged on a wooden board with tomatoes. The aroma wafted enticingly as we savoured the flavours, and the meat was incredibly tender and melted in our mouths. The chips were cooked to perfection, and the chicken wing was delightfully crispy. We washed it down with a refreshing Heineken beer straight from the tap.

We highly recommend checking out Prestige Butchers & Grill if you're in Epson.

It's worth a visit, and you won't regret eating a delicious meal.

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