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Hello! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my page! ♡ This is where I share the most intimate moments of my littlespace. 

I want to share more of my lifestyle with everyone, and this place gives me a lot more freedom to do so. Whether through, photos, videos or chatting, I also hope to connect with everyone on a more personal level.

Your support will help me create bigger and better content (As well as spoil myself with cute baby items 😊).

Please note that I will not be showing my face, and there will be no nudity or sexual content. I want to keep my littlespace pure and innocent. ♡

And if you would like, you can follow all my socials here!


1) What is "Buy Me a Coffee"?

This is a subscription platform similar to Patreon.

2) How does it work?

You can join my membership to access my exclusive contents and gain exclusive perks. There are no subscription tiers, so all subscribers will have the same access. Check out the “membership” page for more details!

Alternatively, you can become a "supporter" by tipping! This is an one-time tip and doesn't require sign up. Supporters get access to single photos and daily life posts.

I will potentially offer Extras in the future, which might include limited spots for customs and more.

3) What are the payment options?

You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and all major credit cards.