My second ever custom! This was really fun to film, and I hope you'll enjoy it too :)

Behind-the-scenes photos coming soon.

Length: 14 minutes

Video Title: "24-Hour Diaper Punishment"

Video Description: Keva finds herself in diapers once again as a punishment. This time she'll have to stay in them for a whole 24 hours! Her daddy thinks that maybe this time she'll learn her lesson. He decides to document her whole day so he can play it back later and embarrass her. To top it off, he forces her into a onesie and makes her suck on a pacifier for the entire 24 hours! Keva gets dolled up and ready for the day. Her daddy gets the camera ready and some changing supplies, expecting to only change one diaper at most. Maybe Keva will try her best to hold it in and daddy'll get capture her desperately wetting herself live on camera. But to his dismay, it seems nothing ever goes as planned. By the time they make it back from the store, baby Keva's already soaked! She gets her diapers changed but doesn't seem quite so embarrassed at all. She's put down for a nap but when daddy comes to check on her again, she's already wet her new diaper through completely! Something fishy's going on here. It was supposed to be a punishment, but could Keva be... enjoying her baby treatment?

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