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Community/movement which stops game mod reposting online

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We use donations for things like domains, hosting and E-Mails. We pay this from our personal money, so if you want to show your support you can do so by donating here.

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Hey all! The domain.....

Dec 18, 2019

Hey all! The domain renewal for our site is coming up shortly, and with that, we'd like to make a plea for help. You may have heard of ICANN's controversial sale of the .org TLD to Ethos Capital. .org is being sold, and fearing that Ethos Capital may significantly hike the price of runing .org's, we've decided to pay up front for several years before the ownership change happens. We need help covering the costs of this renewal. Every $10 adds one year to our domain. We're all volunteers and can't cover this cost easily. Would you like to chip in? We'd be super grateful for any help! If we raise excess funds, those will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Domain renewal