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Pop culture, mainstream media, social justice warriors and TDS, cable TV, the movies - you name it, we parody it.

We're a new conservative comedy studio, fighting the progressive media narrative that is pervasive today. It's hard enough finding the real facts, and even harder finding comedy based on those real facts.

They won't monetize us. They "deboost" our reach (they won't promote us, or show our links in sidebars or searches unless it's a pretty direct hit). 

And that's where you can help with a very modest donation. We've spent thousands on hardware and software on things like Final Cut Pro and GeForce RTX graphics cards to bring you a modern comedic spin on the events of today. And believe us, since 2000 or so, these are very unique times.

So help us to help you live through this historic era with a smile. Every donation helps!

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We need all the humor we can get.

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Love Badfellows

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I just discovered you. Where have I been all of your life? How do I subscribe?

Thanks for your support! You can view our videos and subscribe at: There's also a few other videos perhaps not as suitable for youtube on BitChute as well.  Enjoy!