Buy Linda Paris a coffee


Hi Guys! I'm using the "About Me" section to write you a group message. I want to thank you for all of your support and especially your wonderful comments! Some of you live in the area or are coming to this area to visit and wanted to meet in Sarasota etc, but I can't leave my house for that long of a period of time right now, mainly because of the way things are. If ANY of you want to do it, I'm happy to meet up at "Sharky's By The Bay" in Venice, and we could even go upstairs to FINS @ Sharkys and have a meal.  It's only 11 minutes from my house, and that's where I meet up with my Trump-loving sisters when they come to town...(Drinda and Pam)...along with others! I wanted to share that information with you guys...but not the Meanwhile I appreciate your support and just as much your messages of encouragement! LOTS OF LOVE...Snarky and Trummy