It's about time I started, so here goes.

The first weekend of April seemed like a great opportunity to put a (new to me) camera to the test and shoot some pictures I could use for the landing page of the Sneakerzoom website. It's a funny camera since 1) you never get to see the lens - it's always covered until the shutter release button is pressed and then it immediately retracts again, and 2) it's a so-called half-frame camera - meaning that a roll of 36 frames magically turns into 72 frames because the camera simply takes half-sized frames, vertically. While the camera is held horizontally. Kinda weird.

↳ Start of the walk, downtown near the Skydome

That's bang for your buck you'd say, and I'd agree. Only it takes twice as long to shoot up a roll of film and that took me well over 15,000 steps to do. So I'd say it's more of a workout than any kind of serious savings.

This day was chosen because it was the first day of yet another lockdown, which could give me an opportunity to record city life under Covid rules, something I haven't done since this whole thing started a year ago. Aside from it being a little brisk, the weather wasn't all too bad and as you can see in some of the pictures, essential services like the movie industry continue like it's any other day. The rest of the people though....are missing. These are strange times.

I do miss doing this. The journey (by subway) to the city, hopping on a bus or street car here and there, roaming around with a camera...maybe those days will return sometime. Anyway, for those of you interested, the camera I used for this is a Canon Shure Shot Multi Tele (or Autoboy Tele 6 or Prima Tele - make up your mind Canon) which can be picked up from eBay in working condition for a reasonable price. Reasonable to todays standards, that is. I like it. It's easy to operate and churns out contrasty photographs. The film used was Lomography 800.

And that is all for now. Thank you for bearing with me but things are slowly coming together. I'm working hard on digitizing negatives for the main photo website, as well as working on some other projects, but more on that in a later post.

↳ End of the 3-hour walk, with some seriously aching feet