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Hi, I’m Sneha and I help cosmic souls like you connect deeply with your soul through sound healing.

I would like to help you with…

I am passionate about helping people live with prosperity and manage their stress. I would love to help you use sound and vibrations to release the stored trauma and stress and open your energy up to beautiful and prosperous transformative experiences.

I would love to help you, dear reader, with understanding your relation with sound and with your higher self. The journey of sound healing is not just about the external sound you hear but for you to find the inner sacred sound of consciousness. And throughout this journey I would love to be your friend, guide and mentor.

I am very resourceful and multi-passionate. If I had to choose what I was good at, I would say learning. I love learning and sharing new modalities of healing and getting deeper understanding of how our thoughts and beliefs are shaped and how we can conne

I am really good at…

I am very resourceful and multi-passionate. I am good at learning new healing modalities, testing them on myself and then sharing them with the world through my blogs, social media and Youtube channels.

Here are a few things my clients say about me:

“The whole sound bath process seems simple but is quite powerful. Simple , since you lay down with your eyes closed and allow the various, unexpected sounds to help you relax . Powerful, because it helped reach a state of awareness. Each sound bath experience was a bit different for me , one day I could sink right in with ease, while the other day it took longer for me to feel it.

Sneha has a varied range of sound bowls and instruments that she uses during the session. Each sound , each vibration took me to a different place, different imagination. These vibrations were relaxing and healing. I could feel them moving through my body.Grateful to you Sneha, for sharing this new experience with me !!


“I experienced a relaxing sound bath by Sneha at a women’s group retreat. It was a beautiful meditative practice that allowed me to be present with my feelings and move forward throughout the retreat. It was an experience I will always cherish and would recommend to anyone who’s seeking healing and calmness in their life. Thank you, Sneha!.”


For fun, here are a few things about me:

  1. I was born in India
  2. I love waking up early
  3. I heat one cup of tea at least three times before I drink it fully.
  4. I love paneer… my husband even complains to my mom that I eat up his share (liar!)
  5. I was an Industrial Engineer and worked in that capacity for years before moving into energy healing.
  6. My love language is gifts. You can send me one from my Amazon list! I have no shame!
  7. I love travelling and cannot wait to travel the whole world!
  8. I love writing and am in the process of writing and publishing books. I will update this space when I have links to share with you
  9. My family is my world and I’ll do anything for them
  10. I see my students and clients as my teachers. I believe everyone has something that we can learn from. I am a lifelong learner.