🍭 Backstory time.

Every kite that I let go of without wanting to, I’ve wings now to chase it. My comic @isitalollipop was one such kite. Some people said they needed me, so I dropped what I was doing and left. Now I needed me more, so I came back. There’re some hard lessons learned of who will put in the effort to stay in your life and who will fade out. There are yet others who are actively choosing to distance themselves. I’m still taking time to get used to the new seating arrangement. A part of my healing journey is to pour myself into my art, the same art that helped me climb out of sadness countless times now.

Thank you sincerely to everyone who contributes to my paid subscription and supports my work. Not just this comic series, I’ve many stories of all kinds I haven’t made public yet, and I’m settling into reopening my studio brain to fix that.

Lots of love and lollipops, 
Snehi 🍭