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I'm annoying so I wrote a book, but it's riveting and you won't want to miss it. It's chok full of my endless charisma.

If my energy could be used like electricity, I think I could power entire cities. I am creative and I am loud and I like pretty things and shiny objects. In the absence of a city to power, I devote my energy to story-telling, whether it be through acting in a play, singing in a studio, or writing in a dark room on the floor. 

I hate small talk. And I truly believe nearly everyone does and I typically refuse to participate. I like talking to people, but not about their day or their job, but about the that only exist inside their heads. I like stories. They create connections with people that extend beyond what we can experience in our day to day lives and they're universal. 

A few years ago, I went to a comiccon for the first time, because I'm a proper nerd. And at the time I was going through quite the crisis of faith, because I knew I wanted to act or write or something, but I also knew I wanted to help people somehow, so I was feeling guilty for not wanting become a doctor. At on of the comiccon panels I sat next to a man who had come alone. He was a doctor. He told me how he felt a bit disconnected to his colleagues, and often felt lonely. He told me how he had only become interested in comic books recently and that this was his comiccon too. He explained that it was one of the first times in his life he'd really felt understood. He decided to come to comiccon that year to see what it was like to be around people more like him. 

I never saw him again. But it was one of the most meaningful connections I'd ever made in my life. I knew his story wasn't about me, but I realized it could be. In my life, there have been times where I've wondered if I'm even on the right planet. My desire to help people and my passion for telling stories are connected. That mans story was what I hope to do for people. To create worlds where people can escape to so they can feel connected again.

I think it's my calling. Not everyone has a calling I don't think, and that's lucky, because they have a lot more choices in what they do. Not me. This is all. I'm here for this.

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