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A walk along the canal

Feb 23, 2021

I'm taking a little exercise along the canal and thought I'd bring you guys along with me.

It's very quiet once you get away from the city centre and the weather is mild with a pleasing breeze.

I love this boat. I've never seen it move which would be difficult as the large flagpole wouldn't fit under the bridge.

A better angle. I love the covered wheelhouse and the long chimney on it. I imagine it makes a lovely cosy home for whoever lives aboard.

Graffiti has its place and this unfortunately isn't it. Good urban art can give a sense of vibrancy to what may be an otherwise grim neighborhood but it has no place somewhere like here.

I'm far enough along now so that the traffic noise has died away and the only sounds are birdsongs from all around.

A lone swan.

And here's it's mate a couple of hundred yards further up. Unfortunately as I took the picture it decided to moon me. Rude.

Heading back a different way and passing by a deserted golf course. There's so much traffic but so few actual people around, it's eerie.

Walking towards home along the river. Not terribly photogenic here, especially with it being right by a busy road.

But the church on the opposite bank looks nice up against those clouds.

And back home again with six and a half kilometres under my belt. Do let me know if anyone would be interested in more of these.

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