Three things worth noting right now.

Version 0.17 is finally out!

.... and the biggest (and, well, most obvious) highlight is the UI. Update and check it out, Discord user @Ixis did a stunning job of it... and it's not over yet!

Type, Descriptor and Focus items are on hold

I really wanted to be able to work harder and do some progress on Type, Descriptor and Focus items but quite frankly, I've been coding in circles for a while, not quite achieving what I wanted to do with them and BAM! Atropos releases the the changelog for Foundry 0.7.1, and the new Active Effects feature is precisely what I was trying to achieve - except 1) it works (although it's still in alpha stages) and 2) it's integrated into the whole of Foundry, not just my Numenera system.

Effort is next

Yes, people, I know I've procrastinated enough on this: an Effort dialog is next. This is the feature people have been asking for lately - and for good reason - and it is also the biggest "hole", functionally speaking, in the system.

I'll have more to share on this particular matter soon enough. Until then, thank you for your support!