Howdy ladies and gents! Welcome to another write-up episode and thank you kindly for stopping by. Today's topic is about a movement and what can occur when Hollywood and Music Unite. So lets dive right in and hope you find it interesting and fun.

The film is said to have started the 1980s boom in pop-country music known as Neo-Country. In June of 1980, American romantic Western film "Urban Cowboy" is released to theatres. The two main characters are played by American actor and singer John Travolta as "Bud", and American actress Debra Winger as "Sissy". Much of the action revolves around activities at Gilley's Club.

This was the first motion picture to be choreographed by Patsy Swayze, which launched her career as a film choreographer. Patsy is the mother of the late Texan actor, dancer, and singer Patrick Swayze. Urban Cowboy gave Pasadena and Houston a brief moment under the Hollywood spotlight, rejuvenated American singer-songwriter and pianist Mickey Gilley's career, and the soundtrack initiated a music movement. This sound became a trademark in country music in which record sales for the genre soared to greater heights.

The soundtrack gave birth to numerous top 10 Billboard Country Single hits and also songs that were hits from earlier years. The album itself peaked to #1 on the US Country Chart, #2 on Canada's RPM, and #26 in Australia. For this write-up, we will arrange the crossover hit track titled--" Cherokee Fiddle" recorded by American singer and musician Johnny Lee. Thank you to all who stopped by to hang-out and hope you enjoyed this episode. Until next time friends!