Greetings ladies and gents and welcome to another write-up episode. Todays topic is about AM radio, which stands for Amplitude Modulation. Radio broadcasting is a community I have always wanted to be a part of since I was nine years old. I love music of any genre new and older tunes. I am currently learning to face some challenges on this journey, and am aware of the hard work which lies ahead. In the meantime I hope you find my silly write-ups interesting and perhaps educational.

What is the use of AM Radio nowadays? AM is about the most inefficient method of broadcasting and it’s power requirements compared to FM are huge, and it requires components that are not easily miniaturized. Ironically, it became popular because AM receivers could be built very cheaply in the 1920s leading to the proliferation of radio.

The inability to miniaturize the AM radio components has meant that the availability of new AM radio receivers (except in vehicles) has essentially dried up. If you want to listen to AM in your home you’re going to have to find an old radio that still operates or hope that it is able to live stream, and without the charging process.

The reason why AM radio continues to breathe life today, is because there are still technicians who are familiar with maintaining this dying breed of media, even though the components are getting increasingly difficult to procure. And are you aware that Russia is a main source of the high power tubes required?

And now a song for the moment, a lovely cover version from Arkansas rock band "Evanescence". Lead singer Amy Lee is a student of classical music, and is well known for her incredible songbird vocals. In addition, she is also exceptionally talented as a multi-instrumentalist. The following Lennon/McCartney song has always been a place to go to during challenging times. Thank you for taking the time to read me and catch you next time dear friends!