Hi and welcome to another write-up edition. Thank you for checking on todays activity in the gardens of post-grunge era in alternative rock. So lets begin with a band out of California who use to be named "Life Talking".

In October of 1999, American alternative #rock band Dishwalla appeared on Charmed in the episode "The Devil's Music", where their manager delivers girls who will "do anything to meet the band" to a devil. Alyssa Milano, posing as a groupie, vanquishes the demon.

The band is best known for 1996 song hit "Counting Blue Cars", topping Billboards modern rock chart. Dishwalla lead singer J.R. Richards wrote the song, telling the "story of a young boy's spiritual journey". He said the lyrics are about a conversation with the child within himself, but was inspired by an actual chat with his 10-year-old neighbor.

When this song began to trend, not everyone was pleased by the lyrics. The track would end up being one of the songs that really affected people both positively and negatively. Nonetheless, it received two ASCAP awards (1997 and 1998) as the most played song of the year on radio in America.

Thank you again my friends for taking the time to drop by today/tonight. The door is always open anytime you feel like checking back for more write-ups. I really enjoy this video acoustic version and hope you like as well. Keep minds and hearts open.