Hello to all and thank you for dropping by to see what's in the bag today. Perhaps this write-up will bring a greater understanding of what's it all "about me" and why am I doing this? After-all, I do like to try different things and be open minded to new experiences. Allow me to respond to a question I received from a twitter follower over this past Easter weekend.

The question goes... Hello United Songbirds! Just wanted you to know that I really love all your tweets. Like many others, I am going through hard times, but your tweets always puts a smile on my face. The world needs people like you in our lives! Thank you much love! By the way, what inspired you to come up with the name and story?

I love this feedback and am happy to respond to the questions. In 2018, after waking up from a sleep dream, the words "Free as a Bird, United in Song" were etched in my mind. It was just a blur dream, didn't think much of it until the dreams became frequent the following year. It was 2019 when I began working from home spending many hours on the internet ( learning growth ). I was open to educating people and at the same time create just a small bit of feel good energy for a person's day. So in December 2019, I signed up new twitter account at no charge.

I named the new account "United Songbirds", and the focus would be music related content. I try my best to do my part in helping the industry, lending moral support. So here I am, its funny how time just flies by right? I have many more things to learn and the ultimate dream to be fulfilled one day ( Radio Broadcast ). I have displayed this inspiring song by English singer-songwriter musician Peter Brian Gabriel.

It is the closest song to describe my dreams and journey. Have a fantastic day everyone!