Good day to all internet folks and thank you for spending some time with me. Today we will discuss an instrument with an interesting history. Not just for the avid rock fan, but for the music instrumentalists. Allow me to take you back to the 50's, where the story began.

Gibson guitars launched the' 'Flying V' electric guitar on January 6th 1958. Guitarists who played a Flying V include, Albert Collins, Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, and Billy Gibbons. The Flying V offered a radical, "futuristic" body design, The initial run of guitars used a distinctive wood of the Limba tree marketed by Gibson under the trade name "Korina"; later models used more conventional woods.

Perhaps too radical for its time, the initial run of Flying V guitars was not successful, and fewer than 100 were manufactured and sold. Some players, such as blues guitarist Albert King, and rock guitarists Lonnie Mack and Dave Davies gravitated towards the unique design and helped popularize the model years after it had left production. A number of variant models have been produced over the decades and today we celebrate the creation and hope you like todays educational presentation.

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