My mission is to bring interesting content to people during my studies of copy.If there is such a place to stop by and getaway just for a moment... away from the hustle of busy or perhaps stressful everyday life, I hope to be a means of comfort. No body should ever feel alone. Here are several effective ways to make others feel Important.

1. Use their name.
2. Express sincere gratitude.
3. Do more listening than talking.
4. Talk more about them than about you.
5. Be authentically interested.
6. Be sincere in your praise.
7. Show you care.

Inspiration begins with observing... discover amazement. Recorded under the castle in Lewes, East Sussex, 'Lore Of The Land' is the debut release from the Order Of The 12. Featuring Rachel Thomas on vocals, with Stuart Carter on guitars, and Richard Norris on keyboards, drums and production. The music looks to the South Downs and the Sussex folk tradition for inspiration, with echoes of psych folk acts like Trees or Mellow Candle.