Hello friend and reader. I have been looking forward to writing about this since the beginning of spring. It may seem silly to others but it is very important to me as my dream one day is to broadcast live and it's going to take some writing to move closer to the goal.

Months ago I had decided to do something which I have never done before. Many of us have at least one social media profile. I have just a few, and spend a bit of time on Twitter, Tumblr, and Linkedin. So I wanted to reach out to everyone individually, to thank them and inform them just how much social web relations means to me. Sure there are simpler ways to reach an audience in groups, however it defeats the purpose of one on one attention. You alone matter to me and I hope I somewhat matter to you.

I began by sending a direct message to each and every person on both Twitter and Linkedin. I am very lucky and grateful to be able to say hello to over 2,000 members in each community. I knew this would take some time to reach every individual, but the opportunity to meet/revisit people would be a memorable learning experience, and perhaps some wonderful discoveries along the journey. You can imagine traveling the world in your mind when exchanging texts' and checking the feeds/posts' with people! And so it began in March 2022...each day I would send a greeting with a note to about a 20 or more people. The message went something like this..... Hello and hope you are doing well. We all know music, art, and writing are life for many. Time may be perpetual, but people are not. While we keep in touch with those who create or inspire us...life becomes less strenuous when we preserve relations and friendships.

I was not sure what kind of responses I would receive. I just wanted to send something that could perhaps inspire or show a caring moment to our on-line connection. I would never want anyone to think of any harm or insult by my words. One of the things I have learned, is that most people will react with beautiful kindness. It took months to reach out to all 4,000 people. I am well aware that opinions vary, but I believe the best thing to do when you join forces with someone, is to at least say hello and display gratitude. Nobody should be viewed as just a number... its a person with a story to tell...walk a mile in their shoes.

"When these artists' became United"... I am a music and film lover of all sorts, this video below from Katie Melua, resonated with me when I stumbled upon it years ago. You do matter to me, and If there is anything that has helped me to grow from this... its the shapes of hearts I encountered. I may touch base on that at a later date.