Hello internet folks and thank you so much for stopping by and check out what's in the bag of muse. So today we will take a brief look at the 70's decade... known to birth a few new genres, and to summon our interests' on the nightly dance floors.

In February 1974, single track " Love's Theme" and album titled ' Under the Influence of Love Unlimited ' became certified gold. This lovely orchestrated instrumental by Galveston, Texas born singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and composer Barry White was a game-changer for his Love Unlimited Orchestra. The remarkable soul symphony was written and produced by Barry and became a most popular hit in several countries. With its strings and wah-wah guitar, this track had a significant influence on the disco sound, which exploded in 1975 - a year after it championed the billboard charts.

This is one of the few instrumentals and purely orchestral tracks to reach #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was one of the most played instrumentals of the 1970s. The track earned Barry a BMI award for selling over three million copies. Today we look back and acknowledge this proto-disco sound. Barry White passed away in July 2003 aged 58, and will always be known for his bass-baritone vocals, romantic image, and crafting many enduring Soul, Funk, and Disco tracks.