Hello internet friends and neighbors! Am always wishing you a most incredible day and week ahead. I sincerely thank you for reading todays topic. I think if it can just save one life, it is worth publishing. So... this write-up is for those who are struggling to understand life's unfair developments. I have been thinking about the 18 and younger age population, witnessing the past two year historical events here at home and from abroad.

When you feel down and out, you must know that you are never alone. Your strength will only resonate deep within your soul, keeping an open heart and mind. Don’t believe the negative criticisms. You are capable beyond measure. I will leave a link to a place for helpful resources...if you are going through a tough time, there is hope in your corner. Together we can fight for mental health here.

A song of the moment is from Canadian-American singer-songwriter, musician, and actress Martha Wainright. Album titled " Love Will Be Reborn", was made during the pandemic in her home basement studio named 'Ursa'. She was instrumental in boosting morale and hope in Montreal through a series of rooftop concerts. Martha spearheaded several balcony sing-alongs working alongside the annual music festival, where people sang at night on their balconies, for the purpose of uniting communities. Thank you again friends and enjoy this lovely track.