What is Songs Like X?

Ever zoned out to a good tune and wished you could one-click build out a playlist of similar songs with the same vibe?

Songs Like X was created exactly for that 😎 With Songs Like X you can easily get 50 songs saved to your Spotify and continue vibing in your zone 🎧

Who are we?

We are two music lovers, and this is our passion project. 🧑‍🦱👩‍🦰

We created this out of love for building playlists that really captures people's vibes. So we really want to get Songs Like X out into the world and share an easy way for everyone to create unique playlists that captures all the feels for them.

Why do we need your support?

We're proud of our version 1.0 release that lets you search for songs, get curated playlists, listen to previews and save the list to your Spotify. It's now used by more then 10.000 active users. 🎉

But we want to fine-tune our algorithm to create even better playlists that vibe with you. 💯

As we are only two music lovers at the moment, with full time job next to this project, we want to bring onboard dev ninjas who can help us build on feedback from our fans. Your support would also cover our operating costs keeping the service alive. 🧑‍💻

What support packages are available?

We've put this together to reflect the value we want to return to you:

1. Our smallest 'Audience' tier is $1/month because we believe a little can go a long way. We will use this for bug fixes and it goes towards our hosting fees. With support from many with $1 a month, we think we can deliver a great service 🙏

2. We ask for $10 for our 'Rockstar' tier of generous fans. The funding will be used to build bigger, better features, run the site and help us get the news out into the world. We will feature you (with your consent) on our page along with other Rockstars 🎸

3. Or if you would like to support us with a one-time donation you can "buy us a coffee". You can select on the payment's widget 'Support tab' how much coffee do you want to buy us. All payments goes to the same mission mentioned above! ☕️