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Wilson is a designer and software engineer working full-time on Songwhip.


Hi, I'm Wilson 🙋‍♂️

In 2017 I built Songwhip to solve a simple problem: not being able to share the music I was listening to on Spotify, with my sister that used Apple Music.

Since then, word spread and now 1000s of people are using Songwhip every day to share and promote music! 

This year I decided to quit my job and start working on the project full-time. I'm a one-man-band: designer, developer, marketing, customer-service … and I pay the server bills each month.

If you use and love Songwhip and want to secure its future, a few dollars really do help!


Dj Genius Wiz
Dj Genius Wiz bought a coffee.

hey I will buy you some coffee, when you get a chance check out my artist profile at Dj Genius Wiz On Song Whip

Alexis bought a coffee.

thank you for your great music link service. keep it up

Thank you so much buddy! 😄

Ben bought 10 coffees.

SongWhip is a gem and I hope it gets the support it needs forever and ever <3

Wow, so generous Ben! Can't thank you enough 🙏

Aiden James
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what a babe 🤗🎉☕️

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Thank you for fixing that link in seconds! What a great site...