It's so surreal to be finally share my debut album with you very soon as I've been working on it since last year!

I'm so so excited my friends!! I really can't wait for you to hear this album 🤗

If you would like to hear some songs before Bandcamp release day, there is a pre-order option over on Bandcamp and you get to hear and instantly download "Let go", "Release(2021)" and "Storytime" 💜

Bandcamp pre-order link :

Also, before release date on 29th of September I'm performing a very special 45min acoustic session show of all the songs from the album on Stageit.

Also on October 5th when the album goes live worldwide I will be performing another show on that day of some songs from the album and also cover songs that inspired the album 😊

Tickets still available here:

Another beautiful sunny day here in Edinburgh and I'm looking forward to recording more of the music video for "Let go" today 🤗

Have a beautiful day my friends and see some of you in the chatbox at some Stageit shows this week!

-Sonia D x