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Waves 🎶

Jul 25, 2022

Good afternoon my friends,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and your Monday is going okay so far.

The above video is a song I started writing over the weekend called "Waves". It's still a work in progress but it's lovely to share this with you and this lovely moment with Bowie asleep beside me. He has been the best nurse these past few weeks 🥰

My recovery from my spinal procedure is going in the right direction and thanks so much for all your lovely messages these past few weeks, I really appreciate it!

More behind the scenes music moments coming in the members posts on Buy me a coffee including new songs "Hidden", "The Night", "Voice" and also the new art cover for my 2nd album "Voice" 🎶

Have a lovely week my friends and thanks as always thank you for your continued love and support and sending love your way 💜

- Sonia D x

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