Buy Soor Ploom Press a bag of soor plooms


Soor Ploom Press is the home of playful and punchy writing from Scotland and beyond.

Founded during a cold winter on the banks of a loch in Argyll and within walking distance of our local sweet shop, Soor Ploom Press—named after our favourite hard-boiled sweetie—is a new independent publishing house on a mission to find and share new writing with everyone. And like our namesake, we're keeping it short, sharp and sweet.

With original poetry and new creative writing delivered straight to your inbox every week, you'll be able to enjoy them between meetings, at the bus stop, waiting for the kettle to boil...

And, like any good pick-n-mix, you'll never quite know what you're going to get. But you can be sure of this: it'll be full of flavour, it'll make you stop, pinch your jaw bone and sook in your cheeks. It'll make you forget the long dark and the horizontal rain. And yes, you're going to want  just. one. more.

Our first collection is in the works! But we need your support. If you like what we do, please consider donating a few quid to keep us topped up in soor plooms (and great writing). You can also sign up for our weekly emails, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, and tell all your friends about us!