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Hey you! I'm Sophie Janna, a musician from the Netherlands. I started out performing by singing traditional songs, mostly from Scotland (I lived in Edinburgh for a while). I released an album with a few of my favourites in 2014. Shortly after, I started touring with a duo called The Lasses, with which I released 4 albums. At the end of 2021, I released my first EP with original songs.

People often ask me how they can best support me in making art and music. There are loads of ways: knowing that you listen to my music already means the world. I'm so happy to get messages from people about a song that they love. You can also buy my albums (digitally, or a physical copy) via the link below (the little paperclip). And now you can also buy me a virtual cup of coffee (or a whisky, depending on the time) on this page :)! I really, really appreciate it. All those little offerings help me in carving out time to make new things.

Thank you so much for your support !