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Planning the first post-lockdown concerts...

Jun 12, 2021

Dear you,

It's such a strange feeling, the work I'm doing this evening: I'm putting concert dates up on my website and social media accounts. Nonline concert dates. (Yes, I just invented that word.) I'm playing with two projects mostly: The Lasses (with Margot Merah) and solo, as Sophie Janna. I had a baby in February 2020, so I stopped playing solo in November 2019, when it started to become too difficult to carry my own guitar and to stand up singing songs the way I wanted to. After my solo concert in November I still had a few concerts with The Lasses, but then it was time for my pregnancy leave.

By the end of my pregnancy leave, in May 2020, it would still be a long time before there would be "normal" concerts... and it's really hard to believe after 1,5 years of hope and let-down, that these new concert dates are actually going to take place as planned. While I'm writing this I'm second-guessing all the admin work I've been doing this evening, cropping pictures to the right size, checking ticket links, adding venue addresses, double checking the dates and times. But who knows! If these events will take place as planned, it's better to let everyone know about them, else we'll be playing for an empty venue...

Here is a picture taken at the last pre-covid Lasses-show with a 100+ audience, at Paradiso-Noord in Amsterdam in October 2019 :) Many thanks to Theo Looijmans for sending us this shot! And I hope to meet you one day at a real-life concert. The four ones I've been putting information up about this night are all in Amsterdam: July 9, Sept 29, Sept 30 and Oct 1. Fingers crossed!

If you want to be in the loop about upcoming concerts, you can subscribe to my newsletter, or watch this page on my website like a hawk. :)

Lots of love! Sophie x

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