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May 30, 2022

Rigoni, Marinho, Rabello and more: 8 players who haven't completed 7 games and can reinforce their team

Players were featured not long ago

This Monday (30) the eighth round of the Brasileirão 2022 comes to an end with the match between Internacional x Atlético-GO. Therefore, many players have already reached the seven-game mark and can no longer change clubs in the country.

However, some names, for a variety of reasons, have not yet reached the number and are available for possible investments. Soon, Torcedores.com prepared a short list of athletes who so far have not reached the seven games in Serie A and can change clubs.

Richard – Ceará

Revealed in the same generation as Rodrigo Caio, Casemiro and Lucas Moura, winning a Cup, Richard is currently at Vozão. Featured in the 2021 Northeast Cup, in the meantime he lost space after an injury and was unable to regain his spot. Known for his good reflex, the archer played only four times in the current season.

Igor Rabello – Atlético-MG

With his contract nearing the end, the defender didn't even make his debut in the 2022 Brasileirão. Currently, Rabello is only the fifth option at Galo and is still wanted by São Paulo. At 27 years old, the player is known for his tall stature, with 1.91M.

Martinelli – Fluminense

Created from Xerém, the young midfielder Martinelli was a highlight of Fluminense previously. But, with the constant change of coaches at the club, the player ended up becoming a second option for names like Wellington and André.

Gabriel Pirani – Santos

Versatile and great at set pieces, Gabriel Pirani was one of Peixe's main players in 2021. At the age of 20, the midfielder suffered from injuries and to this day has not regained his space in the Santos team. At various times it just closes the reserve bank list.

Guilherme Castilho – Atlético-MG

One of the revelations of the last Brasileirão, the midfielder continues with a low score at Galo. Even with the departures of Zaracho, Hyoran, Dylan Borrero and the injury of the “joker” Zaracho, Castilho still plays little for Atlético. In addition, in his only match in the Brasileirão, the athlete was improvised on the side.

Rigoni – São Paulo

Millionaire contract that arrived promising a lot, but that fell in level in the same proportion. Emiliano Rigoni has problems adapting to Rogério Ceni, despite being used in various roles. Santos, Internacional and Fluminense probe the Argentine.

Caio Vidal – Internacional

Still 21 years old, the promising striker arrived showing a lot of service in 2020. On the other hand, inexperience ended up compromising his performance in the last two seasons. Like Rigoni, the forward with a lot of movement, Caio Vidal even participated in several games, however, most coming from the bench. Marinho – Flamengo At first, the “King of America” in 2020 should follow in Flamengo. With strong competition in the Flamengo squad, the winger ends up being an option for coach Paulo Sousa. In his position, Marinho has competition from Everton Ribeiro, Vitinho, Lázaro and Bruno Henrique.

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