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GW Guide 272 - Lineups and Pre Game Anal ...

GW Guide 272 - Lineups and Pre Game Analysis

May 20, 2022

GW Guide 272 - Serie A
By Sorare Brazil

Lineups and Pre Game Analysis

Intro: Atlético Mineiro and Bragantino played the game of this round in advance. Therefore, this weekend, Mineiro will play against Brasiliense for the Copa do Brasil, not covered by Sorare. Meanwhile, Bragantino will rest.

America FC

Pre Game Analysis:

GOA- Jailson (90%)
DEF- Patric (90%)
DEF- Éder Ferreira (90%)
DEF- Zé Ricardo (50%) / Conti (50%)
DEF- Marlon (90%)
MID- Lucas Kal (90%)
MID- Juninho Valoura (60%) / Juninho (30%)
MID- Índio Ramirez (90%)
FOR- Pedrinho (60%) / Rodriguinho (30%)
FOR- Henrique Almeida (60%) / Aloísio (30%)
FOR- Felipe Azevedo (90%)

Athletico Paranaense

Pre Game Analysis:

GOA-  Bento (90%)
DEF- Khellven (90%)
DEF- Pedro Henrique (90%)
DEF- Nico Hernández (90%)
DEF- Abner (90%)
MID- Hugo Moura(90%)
MID- Bryan Garcia (30%)
MID- David Terans (90%)
FOR- Canobbio(90%)
FOR- Tomás Cuello (90%)
FOR- Pablo (90%)


Pre Game Analysis:
Fagner, is still recovering from a sprained right ankle, which occurred in the game against Deportivo Cali, on April 13. If Fagner is not available for Sunday, 

Vítor Pereira will use Rafael Ramos again. Vítor Pereira, will probably rest João Victor, Fábio Santos and Willian. Maybe Maycon and Jô too. 

After the game against São Paulo, the Corinthians team faces the last round of Libertadores and needs to win the Always Ready at home to qualify.

GOA- Cássio (90%)
DEF- Rafael Ramos (60%) / Fagner (30%)
DEF- Gil (90%)
DEF- Raul Gustavo (90%)
DEF- Lucas Piton (90%)
MID- Du Queiroz (90%)
MID- Giuliano (50%) / Maycon (50%)
MID- Renato Augusto (90%)
FOR- Roger Guedes (90%)
FOR- Jô (50%) / Junior Moraes (50%)
FOR- Gustavo Mantuan (90%)


Pre Game Analysis:
Ayrton Lucas should start again because Filipe Luís is injured. Pablo remains a starter in the defense due to his good performances. Thiago Maia lost his spot on the team and is the first option on the bench.

GOA- Hugo Souza (90%)
DEF- David Luiz (50%) / R. Caio (50%)
DEF- Pablo (90%)
DEF- Matheuzinho (90%)
DEF- Ayrton Lucas (90%)
MID- Willian Arão (90%)
MID- João Gomes (90%)
MID- Arrascaeta (90%)
FOR- Bruno Henrique (90%)
FOR- Everton Ribeiro (90%)
FOR- Gabriel (90%)


Pre Game Analysis:
Murilo remains the absolute starter of the team due to his good performances. Atuesta continues to seek adaptation in Brazilian football and a place in the Palmeiras team.

Lineup :
GOA- Weverton (90%)
DEF- Kuscevic (90%)
DEF- Murilo (90%)
DEF- Jorge (90%)
DEF- Marcos Rocha (90%)
MID- Zé Rafael (90%)
MID- Danilo (90%)
MID- Raphael Veiga (90%)
FOR- Scarpa (90%)
FOR- Dudu (90%)
FOR- Rony (90%)


Pre Game Analysis:
Fortaleza urgently needs the victory in the Brazilian championship, as the competition is already going to the 7th round and the team has not yet won. For that, the team is motivated after conquering a good victory in the middle of the week in the Copa Libertadores. Sunday's game is seen as the opportunity to start the recovery in the national championship. 

On the other hand, next Wednesday, Fortaleza has another decisive game in Libertadores. The team will face Colo colo in Chile and need to draw to qualify. This could result in coach Vojvoda having to rest some specific players for Sunday's match.

GOA - Max Walef (60%) Marcelo Boeck (30%)
DEF - Tinga (60%) Landázuri (30%)
DEF - Marcelo Benevenuto (90%)
DEF - Titi (90%)
MID - Felipe (60%) Zé Welison (30%)
MID - Hércules (90%)
MID - Yago Pikachu (80%)
MID - Lucas Crispim (50%) Juninho Capixaba (50%)
MID - Lucas Lima (60%) Matheus Vargas (30%)
FOR - Moisés (80%)
FOR - Romero (90%)

São Paulo

Pre Game Analysis:
The São Paulo team will still play a game against Jorge Wilstermann for the Copa Sudamericana today (05/19). Probably André Anderson remains on the bench.

GOA- Jandrei (90%)
DEF- Diego (90%)
DEF- Arboleda (90%)
DEF- Rafinha (90%)
DEF- Wellington (90%)
MID- Pablo Maia (90%)
MID- Igor Gomes (90%)
MID- Alisson (90%)
MID- Patrick (90%)
FOR- Luciano (90%)
FOR- Calleri (90%)


GOA- Gatito Fernández (90%)
DEF- Víctor Cuesta (90%)
DEF- Kanu (90%)
DEF- Saravia (90%)
DEF- Daniel Borges (90%)
MID- Luís Oyama (90%)
MID- Patrick de Paula (90%)
MID- Chay (90%)
FOR- Victor Sá (90%)
FOR- Diego Gonçalves (90%)
FOR- Erison (90%)


GOA- João Paulo (90%)
DEF- Eduardo Bauermann (90%)
DEF- Maicon (90%)
DEF- Madson (90%)
DEF- Lucas Pires (90%)
MID- Vinicius Zanocelo (90%)
MID- Rodrigo Fernández (90%)
MID- Ricardo Goulart (90%)
FOR- Léo Baptistão (90%)
FOR- Jhojan Julio (90%)
FOR- Marcos Leonardo (90%)


GOA- Alex Muralha (90%)
DEF- Matheus Alexandre (90%)
DEF- Henrique (90%)
DEF- Luciano Castán (90%)
DEF- Egídio (90%)
MID- Andrey (90%)
MID- Willian Farias (90%)
MID- Régis (90%)
FOR- Igor Paixão (90%)
FOR- Léo Gamalho (90%)
FOR- Alef Manga (90%)


Pre Game Analysis: Bressan should be absent for the next game. The player suffered an injury to the adductor muscle in his left leg during training on Wednesday.

Lineup :
GOA- Dougla Friedrich (90%)
DEF- Kevin (90%)
DEF- Rodrigo Freitas (90%)
DEF- Arthur (90%)
DEF- Bruno Cortez (90%)
MID- Raniele (90%)
MID- Bruno Silva (90%)
MID- Eduardo (90%)
FOR- Morato (90%)
FOR- Dentinho (90%)
FOR- Willian Pottker(90%)


Lineup :
GOA- Daniel (90%)
DEF- Gabriel Mercado (90%)
DEF- Vitão (90%)
DEF- Renê (90%)
DEF- Fabrício Bustos (90%)
MID- Rodrigo Dourado (90%)
MID- Edenílson (90%)
MID- Carlos de Pena (50%) / Liziero (50%)
FOR- Alan Patrick (90%)
FOR- David (90%)
FOR- Wanderson (90%)


Pre Game Analysis:
Nathan gained more space in the team after the arrival of the new coach Fernando Diniz and has had good performances in recent games.

GOA- Fábio (90%)
DEF- Yago Felipe (90%)
DEF- Nino (90%)
DEF- David Braz (90%)
DEF- Mario Pineida (90%)
MID- André (90%)
MID- Wellington (90%)
MID- Luis Henrique (90%)
MID- Ganso (90%)
MID- Nathan (90%)
FOR- Cano (90%)


GOA- Tadeu (90%)
DEF- Sidimar (90%)
DEF- Da Silva (40%) Sidnei (40%) Reynaldo (20%)
DEF- Caetano (90%)
MID- Apodi (90%)
MID- Dieguinho (90%)
MID- Caio Vinícius (90%)
MID- Danilo Barcelos(50%)
MID- Elvis (90%)
FOR- Dadá (90%)
FOR- Pedro Raúl (90%)


Pre Game Analysis: The team achieved a midweek victory in the Copa Sudamericana and ended a streak of six games without a win. Now, the challenge is to try to win again in the Brazilian Championship. Still under the command of assistant coach Luiz Fernando Lubel, the team will have a difficult confrontation against Internacional.

GOA- Walter (90%)
DEF- Paulão (50%) / Alan Empereur (50%)
DEF- Marllon (90%)
DEF- Uendel (90%)
DEF- João Lucas (90%)
MID- Pepê (90%)
MID- Marcão Silva (90%)
MID- Valdívia (90%)
MID- Alesson (90%)
FOR- Felipe Marques (90%)
FOR- Jenison (90%)


GOA- César (90%)
DEF- Rodrigo Soares (90%)
DEF- Vitor Mendes (90%)
DEF- Thalisson Keven (50%) Rafael Forster (50%)  
DEF- Busanello (50%) William Matheus (50%)
MID- Jadson (90%)
MID- Yuri (70%) Jean Irmer (30%)
MID- Darlan (90%)
FOR- Guilherme Parede (90%)
FOR- Oscar Ruíz(90%)
FOR- Isidro Pitta (90%)

Ceará SC

Pre Game Analysis:
Ceará faces Santos needing victory to get out of the relegation zone of the Brazilian Championship. For the match, the team will count on the return of Richard Coelho, Jael and with the probable debut of Matheus Peixoto. 

On the right side, Nino Paraíba scored decisive points in the last two games and will be able to resume the starting position. The titular defense duo, Messias and Luís Otávio, will probably play together again. In midfield, the question is whether Richard will start as a starter or if Geovane will continue. 

In attack, Vina is injured and will be out of the game, the options will be Zé Roberto, Cléber or the debut of Matheus Peixoto.

GOA- João Ricardo (90%)
DEF- Nino Paraíba (50%) Michel Macedo (40%)
DEF-  Messias (80%)
DEF-  Luís Otávio (80%)
DEF-  Bruno Pacheco (90%)
MID-  Rodrigo Lindoso(90%)
MID-  Richard Cândido (50%) Geovane (50%)
MID-  Richardson (90%)
FOR- Lima  (90%)
FOR-  Mendoza (90%)
FOR-  Zé Roberto (60%) Matheus Peixoto (30%)


Pre Game Analysis:
After serving suspension, midfielder Jorginho returns to the team for the game against Coritiba. The athlete remains one of the team's main players. At Sorare, he reached scores above 60 points in the last two games he played.

GOA- Ronaldo (90%)
DEF- Hayner (90%)
DEF- Edson (90%)
DEF- Ramon Menezes (90%)
DEF- Jefferson (90%)
MID- Marlon Freitas (90%)
MID- Edson Fernando (70%) Wanderson (30%)
MID- Jorginho (90%)
FOR- Shaylon (90%)
FOR- Luiz Fernando (60%) Churín (40%)
FOR- Wellington Rato (90%)

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