Buy Sorcerertech a box of teabags


Who are "Sorcerertech & Co."?

I mean to be fair, it's literally only me (ICTman) at the moment. But the things I do under the umbrella name of "Sorcerertech" (and the things you're supporting through this Patreon) are:
  • Live content on Twitch
  • Discord bots, like Merlin
  • Software and websites and stuff
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Giveaways
Perhaps in future there will be someone to join me. But for now, we is me.

So why support us?

We put a lot of effort into our stuff. The cover image that you see is our very own server, currently running Many Things, including our Discord bot, Merlin. We want to be able to afford new stuff, and Patreon is a big way you can help us.

What will you do with the money?

We won't actually buy tea. But we will buy equipment and servers for creating our projects. But to put it into perspective, maintenance costs for us are ~£3 monthly (i.e. just 1 box of teabags!), and the hourly UK minimum wage is ~£8.72 (which is less than 3 boxes of teabags!).

What do I get in return?

Well, that changes frequently. Ask us in the Discord!

Thank you for any contribution, we really appreciate it <3>