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You're more than just a queen.

You're someone who wants to make a REAL impact - a real difference in this world.

You're hardworking, you're passionate, you're a go-getter and you want to use pageantry to MAGNIFY your voice and meet amazing like-minded women.

Over the last five years I’ve conducted close to three hundred pageant interviews.

I've coached titleholders from the biggest systems (Universe, World, Earth, International, Grand and more).

I’m even an Amazon best-selling author (Confessions of a Pageant Queen).

But none of that matters compared to the network of pageant queens I’ve met from around the world.

That's what makes The Pageant Sorority unique - the AMAZING women you’ll be able to connect with.

They're not just queens: they're entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, philanthropists, engineers, mental health practitioners, change-makers and more.

Plus if you join as a VIP you’ll get access to members-only courses, discounts and first access to special offers and upcoming projects.

It's time to be more than just a queen. It's time to make a real IMPACT.

Adrian Kwan.

Founder of The Pageant Project & The Pageant Sorority