• Even though emails are more planet friendly than snail mail, they still have a carbon footprint! It’s about time to empty your junk mail and unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists.

  • Food waste isn’t just something we should be mindful of at home, you can compost on the go! Why not use your empty reusable coffee cup or lunch container to bring home and compost your fruit scraps or unwanted leftovers from the office party, even better see if you can implement a composting program in the workplace.

  • Be a friend to local wildlife. No this doesn’t mean you should FEED the animals, but they’ll be grateful if you leave water outdoors on hot days (just don’t use anything too deep that small lizards or insects might get stuck in - or make sure to put something in the dish they can use to climb out!)

  • If you think you’ve found something that you can’t eliminate from your daily routine and is not typically recyclable, do some research. I figured my contact lenses and medication blister packs were destined for landfill, but I was wrong! Bright minds are always coming up with innovative options to support a more circular economy. Aussies should check out the Banish Recycling and Disposal Program!

  • VOTE, we all know pageants and politics aren’t meant to mix, but they do give us a voice. Societal changes most often start from the top down. Support leaders who have strong policies built around action that aren’t just a mess of buzzwords

Brittany Dickson represented Australia at the Miss Earth competition in 2020, winning the special title of Eco Angel.

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