As a tennis coach I could always tell who was going to go furthest.

It wasn't the most talented - they were used to everything coming easy and weren't ready to fight for it when others started catching up.

It was the ones you'd see hit the practice court again and again, hitting the same ball for hours and hours, becoming obsessed with PROGRESS.

(Check out this video of Gizzelle Uys practicing her walk:

As you PRACTICE you learn DISTINCTIONS - what's the LITTLE difference that makes ALL the difference?

I learnt only a few of those over more than a decade of playing, but every time I did my game improved MASSIVELY. Those distinctions represented quantum shifts in my level of understanding of the game. And then the practice would drive it into muscle memory.

That's why I hated coaches with 'verbal diarrhoea'. Those who threw out a tip every minute or every few seconds. Each tip having nothing to do with the last one and none of them having any sort of cohesive purpose.

You don't need to focus on a MILLION things to shift your life.

You need focus only on a FEW.

Finding WHAT those few are for you... now THAT'S where a coach comes in in my opinion.

Or if you're as obsessed with your walk as I was (and still am) with my tennis, then you teach yourself.

Because no-one knows you like you do and there is NO substitute for self-awarness.