Previous pageant experience
Miss Scotland 2015 1st Runner Up
Miss Universe GB 2016 1st Runner Up
Miss Universe 2021 1st Runner Up

Day job
Project manager for a luxury real estate auction house.

Biggest pageant tip
Avoid stalking, put the blinkers on and figure out what you want to achieve and forget about what everyone else is going.

Biggest career tip
If you meet someone that inspires you ask them out for coffee… you never know what opportunities it could lead to.

Biggest beauty tip
8 hours sleep. Nothing more beautiful than a rested soul.

Favourite designer?
Not a big fashion queen but fave person in the fashion world… Danielle Latimer!

Tea or coffee?
Iced Coffee… although I wish I wasn’t.

Sweet or savoury?

Celebrity crush?
Local celeb David McCrimmon i.e. my bf 😂

Most embarrassing moment?
Why have one when your whole life is an embarrassment 😂

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