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Deepen: Treasure Maps

Apr 08, 2022

Please enjoy this short video to Deepen your understanding of the Soulcare practice of Treasure Maps! Treasure Maps are a fantastic way to bypass our brains and connect directly with the wisdom of our souls.

If the practices of Soulcare, generally, and Treasure Maps, particularly, are interesting, exciting, or curious to you, please join our inaugural Nurture: Third Thursday gathering of the emerging Soulcare MKE community! During these monthly gatherings we will practice contemplative prayer and engage in conversation related to nurturing our spiritual growth. Gatherings will be held at Noon (CST) and 5:15 PM (CST) on every Third Thursday and last for 45 minutes.

Be sure to become a member to receive these Soulcare MKE offerings starting in May 2022!

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