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Membership group link

Membership group link

Aug 04, 2022

We talked a bit about a space in which the two groups (BMAC & telegram) could be combined. One that would also allow for everyone to more freely share synchronicities, messages, etc.. and for me to do the same when called for. The sharing may sometimes stem from the daily membership messages I post, or otherwise… let’s see where it takes us…

So if you’re interested, the link will be below. This will simply be a high-vibrational group that you can contribute to by chatting or simply absorbing/observing.

12:34 on the clock. Lol.

I see some friendships beings created in this space, alongside newfound clarity, truths, collaborations and open doors.

For now, I shall leave the door open to Divine and let the magic work itself.

You may have to download “telegram” to join. It’s free of cost. LMK if you have any issues. You may need to copy & paste the link into Google.


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