Hope rises for me like the sun,

It rises like the dazzling daystar,

Blasting its brilliant radiance into dark and trembling spots in my mind,

It shines ceaselessly upon my fears and doubts,

To cast them off and out .

I cast the weight of dark energy off my heart,

I lift off the heavy veil of despondency and gloom.

I look fear in the face and it takes a deep bow,

It quickly buries its head in the ground,

Like an ostrich sinks it head in the sand.

Waves of enthusiasm surges from hidden wells of positive energy in my soul,

These waves flow out with vital force - sublime and strong into every part of my heart.

I am supercharged to seize the day and conquer the times,

I lift up the eyes of my mind to see upon the invisible road of time many laurels of victory which await me up ahead,

To claim these laurels I must keep the rising flow of hope gushing,

Not for a single moment will I relapse into gloom or despair,

For the greatest triumphs I will soon declare.