"For those whose lives have taken a hit from the economic blues of the pandemic"...

Forlorn and furloughed, laid-off but not paid off ,

Personal purse is dried up or has so little dollars and cents.

Confused and distressed,

Your heart beats fast and loud ,

Whenever you recall that there are bills to pay,

Costs have been incurred,

Loans have to be repaid and there are mouths to feed.

This all looks dreary and your life seems now very bleak,

The burden of the times,

Weighs on you like a crushing mountain,

Hurled by gigantic monstrous hands from great heights.

Don’t let all of this wear you out,

Work out a path to recover from all the leanness and despair.

Look up to the noumenal skies and see light,

Believe in miracles and you will see the bright sun of hope rise in your heart.

In the darkest nights of your life, switch on the light of hope in your soul,

Compel your mind’s eye to see the impossible.

A great miracle is about to happen, you only have to believe and the wonders will unfold.