The Golden Mean as the high standard for social life. Do good unto others and be open to good from others.

Faith through Belief as a powerful tool for bursting and destroying limitations and obstacles in life with all candor.

Charity in Conduct by doing good with the fullest measure of empathy and altruism.

Courage at Heart by the determination to meet all of life’s challenges head-on not passively but actively and proactively.

Fidelity in Character by being honest, trustworthy and true, a dependable person without artifice or deceit.

Clarity in Reason wisdom backed by sound deduction and active-ratiocination that is averse to fudginess.

Positivity in the Emotions with optimism and antifragility that goes beyond mere resiliency.

Altruism for Others as a reinforcement of good conduct.

Empathy in Community our emerging community of people, treating each other as ends in themselves and not as mere means to an end.

Wisdom as a Lifelong Pursuit and to this what more could we say than the fact that the pursuit wisdom is one of the highest virtues. Besides love and hope – we all need wisdom to thrive.