The pandemic upended many people’s lives and ushered in a new normal of lockdowns, staycations and remote work. It also caused a slew of lay offs, furloughing, social distancing, infections, quarantining, hospitalizations and deaths.

For many their vision of the future is frightening, dystopian and opaque, distorted by uncertainty and fear as they set their sights on the world after the pandemic. The post-pandemic world is not yet fully in sight. The rollout of the vaccines have not stopped infection and deaths. The economic fortunes of many who were affected by the pandemic has not improved. Faith is jerky, hope is hazy, the future looks very blurry on the mental horizon.

All over the world many people long to see the emergence of a world that has recovered from the throes of the pandemic. One thing is certain, the world will not go back to the old normal – The way most things used to be before the pandemic. Many people want to change the world by shaping the post-pandemic world that is emerging in the best way they can. The best way to go is by changing themselves first. Next, truly changed people have to make that change very powerful to the point that it becomes infectious and is transmitted into the lives of others as a positive influence.

To start the process of positive change we must critically asses our own concrete existence. This examination follows the time-tested and trusted wisdom of Socrates the sage from ancient Greece, who said “the unexamined life is not worth living “. Following the footsteps of Socrates we should examine not just our bank accounts but our minds, our values, our relationships and all the meaning we have attached to life. This exercise of self-examination will help us to understand the underlying factors that make us to think and live the way we do. It would also help us to shift our lives to better states of self development and progress.

To make the whole exercise of self-examination worth it, You can surely make use of the therapeutic process developed by Soulful Poetry, which probes deep into Your mind and mental processes to unearth the solutions to your problems and challenges in life.

We don't claim to hold all or any of the answers but we will get You started on a journey of self-discovery. On that great journey great things surely await You.