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Work, life, balance, manifestations.... ...

Work, life, balance, manifestations.... what does that even mean?

Dec 14, 2021

You might have noticed, I haven´t posted anything here last week. Not because I can't keep up with consistency or because I haven't organized myself well, but rather because I promised myself to follow my gut and inspiration on everything I do and last week I simply haven't felt inspired to write anything and that's ok!

In the past I would hustle myself to burnout, torture and bully myself in my head, spend days in pj's (or just some random clothing) working, because in my mind there was just not enough time to even take care of my basic needs. And yes, I was right there wasn't, if I continued with the same mindset, but that also didn't mean that I will be more successful if I hustle myself to misery.

In fact, once I surrendered more to my intuition and inner flow, I had 100 times better results and I had more time to pay attention to myself and my well being. Crazy right?!

I believe there's deep trauma running in our generation where we think we need to hustle till we die in accordance to manifest abundance. The truth is we don't, we don't even need "consistency" in accordance to be successful and abundant.

First of all, success should be something we define for our self, individually, because what success means for me it might not mean for you, so why look on the outside and chase something that might not even bring you the fulfilment you desire just because society makes it look desirable?!

My second point on this subject is that rest, fun and taking care of yourself has exactly equal importance on the road to whatever success looks like to you. Have you even taken the time to really think about what you're are chasing and why? I know I didn't in the past, I was to busy focusing on what I'm lacking on the outside to even consider what my deep inner needs and desires are.

If we are overworked, burned out, anxious, living in our head and not giving ourselves any or only minimal time for rest, fun and and self love we will most probably end up in cycles of meaningless hyper productivity that will lead to more burn out, we will be unhappy and unfulfilled and slowly we will lose sight of what's really important in life and what really gives us a prefund feeling of being alive. Do we really want that and then end up feeling like failure because results are just not showing up?

We always manifest what we carry inside. Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner feelings and mindset. So if that is so, it only makes sense to first focus on that inner world and make that happy, fulfilled and abundant so that it can eventually transfer itself into our physical reality.

If you're asking yourself, but how? It's pretty simple really (and really hard at the same time of course lol) ...but once we take care of our own well being, set strong boundaries and make sure that our cup is full with all that it needs, we start to generate ideas, we attract the right people and we have an abundance of good energy from which we can then create an aligned action that will shoot us into the authentic reality we want to generate for ourselves.

The hard part is to rebuild the trust bond with our inner guidance and intuition, that we damaged with each "failure" or unsuccessful try. It takes time, but believe me that each time you celebrate a small successes and lean into discomfort when its needed, this bond will grow stronger and stronger and manifestations are going to get bigger and bigger.

Trust the process and learn to trust yourself, because you already have all the answers you're just to busy being in your head to even hear them.

I'm inviting you today, to let your hustle aside for a while, lean into yourself, fill your cup and let your intuition tell you what the next steps are.

Remember, you're always divinely guided, protected and loved. You got this!

Lots of Love


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