Bird's Eye View ~ A New Earth Soul Song by Marie Mohler

We are in a time of Great Change. Recent transmissions have spoken to the energies of the Precipice many are feeling. We have reached a Divine Choice-point in our Human and Collective Evolution. And New Earth Soul Songs provide a kind of sound healing for those that resonate with their messages . . . for they can help to tune our Divine Instrument to the Gifts and the Light We Truly Are! Bird's Eye View is singing us through these bridge times and beyond . . . helping us to see from Clear Soul Sight the Aerial View of what is truly unfolding at this time on our world. I invite you to enjoy listening to me singing this Divine Soul Song to help you to attune to the Unity Consciousness and the Wholeness that all is merging and converging into now. And I invite you to read the lyrics below and enjoy singing this song through your own body temple, your own voice, and your own Divine Instrument. For as you do, it is my belief and personal experience that our energy fields are being Divinely Tuned and Upgraded to the New Earth Song and the New Earth Resonance with the New Living Light Codes we are truly meant to be!

To listen to and enjoy this song, click here.

Here are the lyrics for Bird's Eye View to sing along:

Tiny boxes, Many doors and hearts closed

People hungry, Searching for more

Parents working, Kids doing time in school

Time tracking ~ tests keeping score 

These are just some of the old Earth’s ways

Struggling, Racing, Competing for more

Lack-filled living, Never filling

Separation Sadness the core

Yet from a Bird’s Eye View

We’re all passing through

Times of Dark and Light

To expand Anew

To rise up and through our boxes without light

To remember and reclaim our Higher Sight.

For from a Bird’s Eye View

The Old and New

Fly beautifully into ONE

From A Bird’s Eye View

The Old and New

Merge Brightly as Rays of the Sun

Box lids opening, Hearts and Souls filling

People rising, Remembering what’s True

Talents shining, Children Expressing

The Bliss of Source, Re-energized anew

These are ripely some of the New Earth’s Ways

Free-ing, Loving, Harmonizing too

Light-filled Living, Abundance Everywhere

Unity and Love blessing all that is Good!

So from a Bird’s Eye View

An ancient clock rings

Signaling its time to shine

The wisdom soul songs sing

We have traveled these journeys, so far and sooooooo long

And simply forgotten how within All is One.  All is One.

Yet this Bird’s Eye View

Sees the Old and New

Fly Beautifully Now into One

From a Bird’s Eye View

We know the Old and New

Harmonize Brightly as Rays of the Sun.

Tiny Boxes, Infinite Open Skies

Polar Contrasts ~ Merging as One

Every single aspect of our lives

Is now Divinely Calling us Home

These are just signs of shifting times

Unity, Peace, and Bliss for All

Life with Joy and Lives of Collective Ease

Reunion of Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul

And from this Bird’s Eye View

We’re all passing through

This new portal of Light

To be birthed Anew

To rise free, like birds, spreading wings and taking flight

Into newness, loving wisdom, and New Earth delight

So from this Bird’s Eye View

The Old and New 

Fly Heart-fully into One

From a Bird’s Eye View

The Old and New

Shine clearly now as Radiant Rays of One Sun!

Copyright 2011

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