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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt the presence of "my people" - spirit guides and angels.

Most of my life I was able to express my sensitivities through writing and art. While I always understood how highly sensitive I was, it took a long time of being a spiritual seeker to learn I’m an Empath, meaning I feel all the feels.

I received my Reiki attunements (levels I, II and Masters) and also became a Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader through Hay House Publishing. My connection to Source energy is strong, as I'm clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. This means I see images in my mind's eye, telepathically hear my guides and angels speak and feel their messages in my body as sensations. I often use Angel Tarot, as well as other beautiful oracle decks, as a tool to help me do my system of Soul Stir Magic.

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Always good seeing you do your thing!

Diane Campbell
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Thank you, Jen and Greg, for getting my two reading recordings to me!!  Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday.🎄🎄🎄☕️☕️

Debra Quartermain
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Love you! Thank you for sharing! 

Awww thank you Debra for the kind words and gift. XO 

Kelly Gustus
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Happy Monday!

Thank YOU so much my friend. My ❤️ is happy and light and in gratitude of this sweet surprise gift. 

Lura Brown
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one of the most beautiful and loving friend i know. she is also extremely clear in her messaging and right on. love jen so much <3

Thank you Lura for the support in words and coffees!