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Hey 👋 my name is Bryant and I run a blog over at

I created Soundproofing Hacks to share with you tips to soundproof any area you desire and create a quiet and noise-free environment to live in.

I am an urbanised dweller, living in a Prohibition-era apartment in Rosslyn, Arlington, VA. Creaky floorboards, musically-inclined neighbors, domestic arguments, and crying babies are a daily affair living within this thin-walled flat.

It prompted me to start my own soundproofing project, where I used tried to soundproof a room with blankets, and it worked!

That got me hooked and ever since then I have tried out a number of DIY projects and researched numerous tools that can help me out.

You can learn more about all these and more when you visit our site.

But hey, I love coffee too. Get the hint?

See you around!