Töörö Editor V1.0.0 released

Töörö Editor V1.0.0 released

Aug 06, 2021

I'm glad to announce that the first release version of the open source editor for Fred's Lab Töörö is now available at GitHub.

For those of you who are interested, I'd like to give some background information about this project.

Some months ago, my long-term friend Frederic from Fred's Lab asked me for some help in form of writing a user manual as well as designing some patches for his latest Kickstarter project, the Töörö polyphonic synthesizer. Of course, while working at these things, I did a lot of testing with the device so I could describe everything in the manual.

Completely independent of that, I did some experiments with the Rust programming language to find out, if I like it and if some serious project could already be done with it. While the language is very nice and solves some long-standing issues that you could easily run into with C++, a lot of libraries written in it are still at an early stage, especially when it comes to GUI programming.

At some point I thought, why not trying out what's already possible and build something useful. Maybe an editor for a synthesizer? Maybe the Töörö? So I started. Initially it was only intended to be a personal project, but at some point I realised that it could be useful to other people.

So there it is!

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