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We are Australia's first media start-up for South Asian women and non-binary folks. And it's tough!

South Asian Today publishes hundreds of writers and artists who create content about gender, identity, sexuality, caste, pop culture, politics, and society. We produce a fortnightly podcast, Roots with South Asian Today, where we speak with South Asians worldwide and unpack what matters and what doesn't. We also curate a weekly newsletter, The Round-Up, with our latest stories hitting our subscribers' inboxes every Monday. We have a South Asian store too where you can purchase products made by South Asian women and non-binary artists.

It's a lot of work.

We do not have volunteers and pay all our writers + artists. To do that, we need to generate regular funding - and this is where you, dear reader, come into the picture.

We believe in no pay-wall as stories must be accessible to everyone. But in saying so, it also means we don't generate funds through ads or brands. As a migrant owned business, many Australian grants are also inaccessible to us.

The Australian art scene is difficult for South Asians to step into, and we are building a platform where they can get published, host conversations, and consume content beyond just chai and Bollywood.

Memberships allow us to work on important stories without fear and intimidation.

To help us support South Asian writers and artists, who otherwise are sidelined by mainstream media, please become a member or buy us a coffee. Every contribution helps us continue independent journalism.

Head to to access all our content.

We really hope you come along on this journey with us. Just one coffee a month can help us create work for 100s of creatives.

Thank you so much!

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