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A Brave Community Vision

A Brave Community Vision

Nov 05, 2021



A Brave Community Vision

The deeper questions that I have been exploring around community and bringing into being of the new earth have been fruitful in so many ways. And although I am only one voice on my own, I continue to speak and create for the children of the new earth that is about to be born out of this 'great reset'.

I have been soulfully committed to being a way-shower, a space holder, a syntropic community awareness cultivator. I don't see myself stopping being me, passing on what I have received, and or translating into language what I have learned through direct experience about our true Human Nature and the need to regenerate that together as a family.

I see a flourishing of effective, community-based pathways able to generate real abundance in a financial freedom sense, full of richness by life experience being lived fully.


Back in 'those Days'... to what brought me here

I was one of the first to co-establish the Transition Towns movement in Australia for our bio-region. For 8 years I ran workshops, community events, and more significantly a local family farmers network and weekly food-box distribution system. I created local farmers' markets and physical community hubs as skill-learning-exchange centers. I initiated the Sustainability Alliance FNQ and later the FNQ Rising Collective to foster community resilience and togetherness in both the spiritually awake and pro-active regenerative thought leaders.

I networked the networks of those that were into biodynamic farming, permaculture, seed saving, community bartering systems, intentional community development and together explored a myriad of alternative financial community funding systems that were slowly sprouting up.

Through all these different activities I seeded the common dream of activating Sanctuaries for the New Earth..


seriously none of my actions,

dreams, and willful commitment towards co-creating a more connected world would have made any difference if it wasn't for THE PEOPLE that I connected with, learned from, and was able to bring my inspiration and hands-on heart-based experience to.

Back in those days, we were all seemingly 'ahead of our time'. We already knew that the systems' operating system was rigged, controlled, and entirely scripted on a SLAVE BASED debt creation system.

What we all learned however was invaluable and has remained relevant to this day... No man is an island. We are community.


Radical Change through the 'Great Reset'

Our world is fast-changing in every aspect of what we thought was normal.

The 'sustain - ability' of the current paradigm is being brought down and is being deconstructed in the name of 'the Great Reset'.

What do we do pro-actively individually and in our community to be ahead of the changes that are already underway?

Since my 'awakening' in 2010 I have been observing the 'trends' of the corporatocracy more closely, questioning its' function and seeking syntropic, community-based solutions to a world slowly going mad because of technocratic and bureaucratic overreach.

The answer was and will always be found in fostering community.

How do we emancipate ourselves from the programmed constrictions that exposure to a chemical-industrial and toxic-media complex is causing?

It really takes a lot to start and maintain a One Small Town or Transition Town movement, but the pressures we are facing in the current and near-future can be an amazing springboard into our sacred ownership of the world we want to live in and create for our children.

If you have watched my youtube presentation on 'succession in communities' you may be able to relate to 'planned succession' and therefore, what the Great Reset is all about...

When an agroforest is being 'reset', it is being pruned heavily to create space for new life to sprout, grow and thrive onward. What is part of the pruning is the appearing 'loss of life' which is also often perceived as 'death'.

As I think of the Georgia Guidestones, Johannes 15 comes to mind... It is just that the 'powers that were' are playing God in the vineyard of humanity. 'Pruning' with toxins by falsely 'mandating' gene-altering therapy in the name of restoring normality, access to the workplace or free ice cream for the younger ones.

We are experiencing a globally syndicated corporate agenda aimed to expand technocratic domination and control and the profit is made throughthe process of managing human numbers.

Many of you know how I have shared in various ways, in various forms to get comfortable with death, to heal, and how to heal our internal relationship with death and thus restore wholeness from that place through understanding Syntropy (Life). See the Course in Syntropy


The slave self and death

Death and the fear thereof is and has been a bad program running our collective human behavior for centuries.

The fear of death, loss, or change (and thus also life itself) is the core program maintaining the 'slave self' to operate on abdication, relinquishing and out-sourcing response-ability for our own life and therein the future thrivality of our human existence on this earth.

In our recent EHTV interview with Dr. David Martin this program and its origin gets laid out with great clarity and in layman terms. The best I ever heard it articulated for sure.


(If you are not a member yet, you can join with a 2-week free trial and find so much more of what is good, inspiring, and relevant for human thriving.)


Stepping into a parallel economy

Our current system has its final expiration date set in 2026-2027 (interview with Dr. David Martin) hence the global culling that is underway. If you want to hear more about a financial personal emancipation opportunity that I want to share with you, please reach out.

There is a parallel economy build-out already active that seamlessly interfaces with the 'old world' but brings prosperity to support the new world that we want to co-create and live in. This world is about you owning your data, your currencies and not a bank tied to the federal reserve banking system.

What I am talking about is neither a pipe dream nor a simply stepping out of a bad dream. This is stepping into a real, tangible, and effective way to be able to navigate the coming changes that we will live through.

Now I am not implying that all of a sudden I am some sort of a financial expert, I do however know what is underway and I see that we are living through the Great Reset whether we like it or not. The 'secret plan' has been meticulously planned for decades, but it is always up to us individually and collectively to find ways that work and will emancipate ourselves in the process. Away from a sinking and defunked ship aimed to take 7 billion people along with it onto land into Sanctuaries for the New Earth.

As you know, growing your own food, partaking in local farmer food box schemes, growing your own syntropic agroforest are all things that stand highest on my list of promoting.

If you however still swipe your credit card at the local check out I may have an amazing break-out break-away possibility for you that I am open to sharing if it calls you.

If you would like to start working with me, one on one, to bring more Syntropy into your life, bring healing to a burdening past or explore forming your own community, my doors are always open to serious inquiries.

For now, blessings on your journey, your path and choices. I send you love and appreciation for you being here during this time.

In grace and lovingkindness,


PS: I am scheduling another EcoSophy night in two weeks' time. Email me with a topic you would like me to dive into!

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