There is an urgent need for humanity to relearn heart and soul relating with self and with each other. 

To regain the old family values within their family of origin and their family of community.To recreate tribal laws that are in harmony with nature and Mother Earth and to re-establish natural health of body, mind, and spirit.

The New Earth Communities that are being formed globally by the Way Showers are practice grounds to relearn how to live in peace, love, harmony, and abundance for all.

The Sanctuaries will be an extension of the Communities, places of healing the human damage perpetrated by nefarious beings upon our species for thousands of years.

Places to learn how to live in the energy of the New Earth and develop powers and gifts still lying dormant with every human being on Earth.

There will be new technologies to learn about and new ways of growing our food, new ways to lead our individual life with a conscious awareness yet to be discovered and revealed.

But most importantly there will be new ways of perceiving truth and relating with each other and the environment.A conversation worth having.


Every week Yvonne and Souvereign talk about Self, Soul, navigating this old world, and where the bridge into the New Earth is found.

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