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Short, sweet, simple. SYNTROPY: Tapping into our innate Humanity, Transforming our lives with ease

My orientations have been for years, to figure out, more about our natural Human Ecology, that communal way that we lost, that indigenous way that we lost.

And I’ve remembered so much along the way. But yet at the same time, I’m still exploring very thoroughly how we can reconstitute a healthy, harmonious and thriving Human Ecology.

Human and Ecology is not really often used together, but I’ve found that that is a very relevant term to start ascertaining how we can make communities actually function, how we can make organizations actually function, how we can get people in management actually comprehending that there is a human component that is, and has been for the longest time, in our industrial kind of societal framework, been not spoken to.

And this is the innate and this is the intrinsic humanity that we each have.

There are natural forms of relating that even in business management, if these understandings would be applied, teams would start thriving and co-working together with more efficiency, with more joy, and with more outcomes that can be generated when we co-create from a place that is in alignment and meeting us in our natural ways of being, that, yeah to the best of my knowing are currently being explored but without understanding Syntropy. I

I do not see that humans are really going to get into the, into the softer, and into the simpler, and into the – how would I say that? – into the Solutions that many find in – whether they are running a Business, or whether they are running a Community Group, or whether they want to start a Community, or whether they – whatever it is that involves Humans, there are Lifeways that we haven’t been taught, we haven’t been raised with, because it’s not been part of our upbringing and cultural sort-of…conditioning, and for me, questioning how we can re-constitute that is, just – that’s the Gold.

When we unlock those Keys, when we can tap into that heart-space, where Humans can then connect, ah authentically, in a real way, without there being any contracts, without there being any co-dependency, because there’s actually a deeper understanding of what’s going on.

And we’re not avoiding or we’re not trying to dominate or control, because those mechanisms of relating have been useful, but many of us know them as survival mechanisms.

Thank you for exploring this within yourself to see if it bears relevance to your own navigation.

For more on syntropy in human ecology Have easy access to the specific podcast here:

In grace and lovingkindness,